livestream your daw

After a little fiddling, I managed get my recording session to stream live on Ustream tonight.

There were no issues with the video, but my ASIO audio wasn't getting along with OBS. The solution was to download the Voxengo Recorder VST plugin (direct link) and add it to the master fx chain on my DAW. I use Reaper, but it shouldn't matter as long as you have a master fx. Add it last in the chain.

In the plugin, set the MME Device to your regular non ASIO audio source and the Output To setting to MME, then click start.

Then, if you're using OBS, go to Settings/Audio and set Desktop Audio Device to the same source as you set the MME Device to in Voxengo. If you're using other broadcasting software, just find the audio settings and you should be able to select the relevant device just the same.

Now your ASIO audio from your DAW is being pumped out of your regular audio source into OBS and can be streamed to the world. Have fun.